Collecting useful and awesome
Open Educational Resources (OER)
for Research Methods and Research Ethics

இலகு சீருடை நாற்றிசை நாடுகள் யாவுஞ் சென்று புதுமை கொணர்ந்து இங்கே திலக வாணுதலார் தங்கள் பாரத தேசம் ஓங்க உழைத்திடல் வேண்டுமாம்

The legendary poet Bharathi wants us to explore the globe, bring all latest knowledge to strengthen the country. We all know the famous expression by Sir Isaac Newton “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants”.

WeCollect is an effort to literally stand on the shoulders of giants and bring back the knowledge from across the globe!!! Thanks to the internet and technology, there is so much wealth of presentable knowledge that is freely available, curated, and ready to be consumed on almost all topics in the world. We do not even have to travel to different countries!! However, these rich resources are not leveraged by the needy for several reasons - lack of a catalog and the difficulty of finding what is needed are the most-often cited barriers. Our initiative aims to create a repository of all such Open Educational Resources (OERs) related to Research Methods relevant for researchers from multiple disciplines and multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary researchers to alleviate the barrier.

This is a competition open to all the members of Science departments from Thiruvalluvar University, especially to researchers who are passionate about Research Methods - inclusive of research supervisors or teaching staff members or doctoral students or an MPhil students. You can submit any number of resources. Each submission will be assessed by experts based on the rubrics. If you submit more than one resource, your score will be the sum of all the scores of your submissions. Resources in English or Tamil are only eligible for this competition. Other languages are out of scope at this point in time.

Any PhD or Post Doctoral student or faculty members from any Science department can participate in this initiative.

Please note, any prohibited content will disqualify your candidature.

Some Points to be noted for the competition

For the competition, please do NOT submit the entire OER repository. Instead, submit specific content from any such OER repository relevant for the identified learning outcomes. For example, you can submit "Qualitative case study methodology: Study design and implementation for novice researchers." "The Qualitative Report, 13 (4)" by Baxter, P. & Jack, S. with the URL but NOT the entire journal or The Quality Report / TQR ( repository as such.

When you submit the OER, please specify the type of content (reading material, quiz, assignment question etc. ) along with the author details. If you are the author, please provide your full name, organization. For the example given above, the type of content would be "reading material" and the author name would be “Pamela Baxter, McMaster University and Susan Jack, McMaster University”.

Rubrics for Winning

  • Number of OER submitted
  • Complexity of the topic
  • Uniqueness of the OER
  • Clarity of the content
  • Expert review based on the detailed rubrics

Important Dates

Submission Starts

2nd March 2021

Submission Ends

31st March 2021


23rd April 2021

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Winners Get


Certificate Signed by the Vice Chancellor of Thiruvalluvar University


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